Bond, James Bond

A well-kept secret of the most elegant British agent of the Crown

Did you know ? Daniel Craig, unconditional lover of Crockett & Jones collection has required to wear only their shoes on James Bond set.

The british manufacture is already established in United Kingdom and even in royal closet since Prince Charles gave a Royal Warrant, Label of Excellence, to Crockett & Jones in 2017.
And it is now the most loyal employee of Her Majesty who enhaces the english shoes during his adventures.

Since the Skyfall episode in 2012, the aficionados has been able to recognize the ISLAY, HIGHBURY, ALEX and Tetbury worn by the most famous secret agent of big screen.

In Spectre, we could see the Alex again (we have to recognize that this one cut is very smart), Norwich, Camberley and Northcote.

And in No time to die, he puts on his Highbury and also the Molton to run after bad guys.

Most of the time, James wears brown shoes with his casual outfits, and black ones when he have to talk with M.

He's more leather sole to the city and rubber sole to run on frozen lakes.

For sure, Crockett & Jones think of all situations !