A love for beauty

The multi brand shoe brand Upper Shoes, headquartered in Lyon, Paris, and Anastasy, offers a wide range of high-end shoe collections for both men and women: Richelieu, Boots, Derby, loafersBoots, high heels... from manufacturers such as the UK, Italy, France, and the United States.

The Story of Trust

The epic of Upper Shoes began with the acquisition of franchise rights in 2002 church From Lyon. The products of the first store gradually enriched other major classic British brands: John Lobo, Crockett and JonesEdward Green, who has opened the door to our studio and is full of confidence in us.
Other well-known brands in the luxury shoe industry quickly joined the ranks of new trends, such as Santoni and Corthay.
Soon, this first boutique located on Jean de Tournes Street turned to luxury and offered a John Lobb corner (not to mention Crockett&Jones' Handgrade series, perfect for Italy) santoniThe Eternity of the Church.

On the basis of success, Install Upper Shoes His Flagship store Gaspalin Street In 2017, men and woman Large manufacturers such as Santoni, AldenCrockett&Jones, Carlos Santos...

The discounts in Lyon complement the presence of the store perfectly Upper Shoes Fishing Port Terminal And Export It provides series endings throughout the year. There is an opportunity to enjoy major manufacturing brands at discounted prices.

It's in this atypical store Second Life Ray Nature has found its place: high-end second-hand shoes, evaluated, maintained, and repaired in our workshop for "almost new" renovations. A dynamic that is responsible for ecology, not only in line with the spirit of the times, but also in line with the intelligent logic of different consumption.
In November 2021, the store welcomes of cobbler UpperAnatole Weill, Compagnon du Devoir shoemaker installed his machine and professional knowledge to take care of, restore, and repair... The cycle is over!

Therefore, Upper Shoes has three stores in the city center of Lyon, offering additional discounts.

The rise of footwear is further advanced. In May 2014, the brand took another step forward His store is on Calvin Street In Paris. This boutique offers brands such as Alden, Church's, Santoni, Crockett and Jones, Carlos Santos, and consolidates its reputation as a high-end multi brand brand brand.
It's in the Human Spring The adventure in Paris will continue in 2019, with one and two corners offering Santoni, Hesson, Carlos Santos, and multiple options, respectively shoe care productsSapphire Gold Medal

In 2022, in order to meet the strong demand for connoisseurs at the Swiss border, Upper Shoes settled in Lake Anne at 19 rue de l'Allocation.

The sequel is written every day to cultivate this passion, driven by the trust of large manufacturers in us. It enables us to provide you with more exclusive services and unique discounts.