James Bond

My name is bond, james bond .... and I put myself at Crockett & Jones.

Because dying can wait and you still have to be patient before you can rush into dark rooms, tremble on the chase which never fails to punctuate the opening of the film and delight for the famous generic for female forms And so sixties, we decided to offer you a small focus 007 in our own way.

Did you know ? Daniel Craig, the brand's incun, demanded on the sets of our favorite spy, to put on each other like at home, that is to say in Crockett & Jones. Well not right away, he waited a little and it was with Skyfall that things really started. It must be said that man is a connoisseur and that the spy needs comfort to do everything he does. And this is how we were able to discover mythical pairs of this English factory, a A house which can therefore target the two great national pillars that are royalty, Prince Charles gave a royal warrant to the manufacture in 2017 and James Bond ... Classy!

So for moviegoers, here is the list of the films in which the James' shoes appeared that you will find at Upper Shoes:

  • Skyfall: Islay, Highbury, Alex, Tetbury (we got it but it's over, on the other hand we have its twin in hand grade the millbank)
  • Specter: Alex always (this One Cut is so chic), Norwich, Camberley, Northcote.
  • No time to die: La Molton, the Alex in a hand grade version that will be released in a box at the time of the film's release, Highbury once again.

James has worn other models, which we do not distribute or no longer but which we can provide you with the list if you wish. Most of the time he is in brown with his casual and black outfits when he is summoned to M office or to meet bad guys, but you can be tempted by other colors too.

So if you feel a MI6 fiber in you, attack your new life by a pair of shoes!