In the family of leathers for making quality shoes, we mainly have calfskin, smooth, grained or velvet, exotic leathers and then we have Cordovan.

This leather is quite unique, by its durability on the one hand and by its natural shine on the other hand, you will have a shine to the leather that you will not find elsewhere and I am not talking about the patina that time gives it, gorgeous.

At Upper Shoes, we offer it in the Alden brands, Cordovan is really part of their DNA, and Crockett & Jones which works this leather on several emblematic models of the brand.
Traditionally tinted in a burgundy color, it can also be found in black, navy and much more rarely in Cigar (brown) and Whiskey (gold) colors. Horween tanneries are the reference for the provenance of this leather.
Harvard Cordovan

If you find what you are looking for in a Cordovan model, don't wait too long, these pairs are quite difficult to obtain, production is very long and there are many enthusiasts.
For the record, the last time we had a Cigar Cordovan production from Alden (impossible to get any from them for several years now) everything disappeared in two hours and mainly in Japan, they are big fans.

As for maintenance, we invite you to only use specific products for Cordovan leather, you will find what you need at Saphir in our Maintenance section.

If you haven't yet tried Cordovan you have to give it a try, the biggest risk: becoming addicted!