A green expedition

After 2nd Life radius, Upper Shoes continues its progress towards a more eco-friendly mode of operation and we are now choosing to ship your orders in a 100 % environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging.

The scotch: FSC certified, 100 % recycled paper support
Cardboard: environmentally friendly LNE stamp
Padding: paper, 100 % recyclable

For the moment, we have not yet found a solution for the briefcase, because it is difficult to find a pocket that is both transparent, resistant, recycled and recyclable. But we keep hope! And we're also working to find a Upper Shoes label that would also meet these eco-friendly criteria while keeping its aesthetic look.

This resolution is not without cost to our company, which is why we have decided to join in this effort. Shipping costs are therefore paid for: € 6€ for an order of less than 100 € and 12 € beyond.

However, we also want to listen to your requests and to fluidify your purchases. Also Upper Shoes will now take charge of the return of your orders in Metropolitan France, whether for an exchange, the issue of a credit or even a refund.

Thank you for your trust,
Upper-Shoes.com team