Upper Shoes & Mr. Chauvin

Who's hidding behind Upper Shoes ?

Vincent Chauvin works in fashion and shoe for more than 25 years. In 2002, he created Upper Shoes as an answer to a real lack of multi-brand shoes retailer in Lyon.

At the origins of the concept, a huge motivation : to work with manufacturers to enhace the european craftsmanship.

This quality of shoes allows to work on several years : a good fabrication can be repaired if needeed.
That's why Upper Shoes sells shoes from famous manufacturers as Church's, John Lobb, Crockett & Jones, Alden... 
In 2019, a new section has been created : "2nd Life" as an answer against overconsumption. After being repaired, maintained and pampered, second-hand shoes are sold as almost-new one.

Upper Shoes has now developed 3 shops in Lyon, a store + two corners in Printemps de l'Homme in Paris. A wide distribution to allow shoe lovers to find what they are looking for wherever they are, without forgetting our eshop with international distribution. 

A strong will is added to this motivation : to take care of the shoe and not only sell it. In October 2021, Upper Shoes launched its own cobbler service.

Upper Shoes wants to bring you our knowledges about shoes, every day nurrished by manufacturers and experts.