Sebago: the success of the Preppy

Sebago is an American brand of quality shoes, famous for its boat shoe models. Founded in 1946 in Maine, in the United States, Sebago is known for its craft and attention to details.

Sebago shoes are distinguished by their timeless style and high -end manufacturing. They are often associated with a classic and relaxed look, ideal for nautical activities and outdoor leisure.

The Docksides boat shoe is one of the brand's emblematic models. It is characterized by a superior leather upper, hand seams and laces that meet on the front. These shoes often have a non -slip rubber sole, which makes them ideal for use on wet surfaces.

In addition to boat shoes, Sebago also offers a range of dressed shoes, loafers, Dan models. The materials used include real leather, suede and other quality fabrics. Sebago shoes are known for their sustainability and comfort, thanks to their solid construction and their padded interior soles.

The Sebago brand has long been associated with a maritime lifestyle and marina navigation. She was able to keep her legacy while offering modern and elegant designs adapted to contemporary tastes.

In summary, Sebago shoes are known for their quality, timeless style and comfort. Whether you are a pleasure navigation lover or simply looking for elegant and durable shoes, Sebago offers a wide selection of models that combine functionality and aesthetics.

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