Cordovan leather, also known as the Cordovan shell, is a type of leather made from flat fibrous muscles located in the back of a horse. This type of leather is known for its excellent durability, luster, and unique texture. Its traditional color is Bordeaux, Alden's n ° 8, but it can also be found in black, whiskey, and cigars, which are very rare and highly coveted.

Cordovan leather is manufactured using intensive processes, including tanning the leather in a plant extract solution and polishing it to a glassy finish. This process gives the leather a unique luster and makes it waterproof and scratch resistant.

Cordovan leather is a high-quality material commonly used in the manufacturing of shoes, boots, belts, and other high-end leather products. Although Cordovan leather is more expensive than many other types of leather, many people consider it a valuable investment due to its durability and timeless appeal.

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