Good shoes, good craftsmen. Delegate your shoes to a professional!

If there is no shoemaker near you, Maison Upper Shoes will provide repair services for your shoes through our services cobbler Owned by Anatolore, he is a work partner who uses his skills to serve your shoes. Install embedded iron, completely reconnect, and install skates Or simply maintain, we handle everything internally.

Please feel free to send us your branded shoes at any time.

If you choose a nearby shoemaker, make sure they use natural rubber to install skates (which helps maintain the breathability of the shoes), the iron installed is built-in (which will prevent you from stepping on the street unless you want to play Fred Astaire), and in any case, do not let anyone completely put on your shoes again, otherwise you will cry because you are not wearing them.

Don't hesitate contact us Therefore, we can jointly evaluate any repairs or maintenance carried out on your shoes and their costs