How to take care of your shoes: Instructions for use

You coveted them, they are now yours, here are some tips to keep them in good condition for as long as possible.


In an ideal world, you will put on your shoes with a shoe horn, this will avoid rubbing your heel on the top of the counter and wearing it out prematurely and obviously, you will put them under shoe trees as soon as you remove them, this will tighten the leather and avoid unsightly creases. Of course, you don't wear your shoes for more than 2 consecutive days! 

  You will find a wide range ofshoe trees on our site, Crockett & Jones has its own shoe trees, as Lobb And Santoni. For Latin forms, you can purchase the shoe trees Upper Shoes, for round shapes such as Church's Grafton or Burwood, those from Sapphire are also very good. The important thing is that the shoe tree takes its place in the shoe and that you do not feel any air on the instep, the leather must be taut.

Skate or not skate?

This is a question of which sect you are a part of.

Some of you are in favor of letting the leather sole wear out. We work with beautiful companies, the stitching is quality and if you rotate your shoes regularly, the sole will wear out slowly. However, the day it is worn out, it will be necessary to carry out a complete resoling. Your pair will be in the hands of a artisan several weeks for a cost of around €160 depending on the house, we will send you a quote. Blake welted or Goodyear, all can be redone.

For others, a rubber pad is installed after a few weeks of walking - the sole must fit your foot, do not have a skate fitted straight away. We can add a recessed iron screwed to the installation of a skate to protect the tip of the shoe. You will recover the grip, the costs of cobbler are less important but you will have to repeat the installation. Important detail, if you have a skate fitted to a pair which does not have an original one, it cannot be taken back by the supplier who considers this installation as a transformation of the shoe and it will no longer provide its guarantee. . This is valid for all suppliers, now defects are quite rare in these houses.

Which product for which leather?

Find HERE all the advice for each leather. Let's say that in your maintenance box you need by default, a universal cream, apple trees, a polishing brush and a Waterproofing. With this first aid kit, you can do almost everything.

For everything else, specific questions, a grease stain on your favorite pair of suede calfskin, the dog who chewed your pair - yes yes, we actually had - an elastic to redo on a boot, a dye and what not... send us a email and we will discuss the subject.

Come see the repairs made by the cobbler Upper Shoes on its page Instagram ! Our shoemaker companion Anatole Weill, will be delighted to put his knowledge and skills at your service !

Remember, if you take care of the top, we can take care of the bottom!